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When I was setting up this blog the names “in the moment” and “perfect day” were already taken. So I thought and thought what would be the equivalent to those words? Then it came to me, snoballs and candy corn. Two things that make me very happy. When I go home to Baltimore during the summer months there are snoball stands along the road. My favorite, skylight (neon blue) with loads of marshmallow. Candy corns are my favorite candy. They make me think of the fall and Halloween when my husband and I married 13 years ago. This blog will be all about things that I find perfect in a day.


2 Responses to “My blog”

  1. eeethan Says:

    I love the photo. Is it in your bedroom? I thought your title refered to Hostess Snowballs my personal favorite. In Austin, Texas they have those same kind of snowcone stands. They are awsome! It’s like eating real snow. I had ‘wedding cake’ and ‘sangria’ flavors. They put some kind of Mexican cream on them and sugar sprinkles if you like. Do you get real marshmellows on yours?

    Love Jacque

  2. annandboni Says:

    Yes Jacque this is our bedroom, a new table we found on the street. We plan to refinsih it but it will probably take us 5 years. BTW we LOVE Hostess Snowballs- love how they change colors depending on the holiday.
    xoxoxo ann

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