On the way to the garden

This morning on my way to the garden, I turned left on East 21st. Halfway down the block I saw all these cats emerge from a bush and go running up the steps to a grey wooden porch. When I got to the blue Victorian, a white haired woman was busy feeding all the cats. I asked, “Are they all yours?” She said, “No, they are feral cats, I have my cats inside, but I feed these everyday.” We talked for about 10 minutes. She is 80 years old, grew up on East 24th, has 7 children and now these cats are her extended family. She knew things about each of them. She could not pet them but they come for food everyday and sleep on her porch. She asked where I live and when I told her she said that used to be a farm and apple orchard. We said so long and I walked the few blocks to the community garden. Here are pictures of our garden this morning. By the way there is a wild cat that lives in the garden. I have seen him quietly slinking through the overgrown plots. I left him a big pot of water last week.


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