A Dry, Sunny Morning

We arrived at the garden at 8:15. We stopped at the tree on Glenwood and 22nd Street to photograph the wild green parrots. We joked to the man washing his car that they are very talkative, he solemnly answered back, “Yes, all 35 of them.” Rosie and Rosita were already at the garden. Rosie had been there since 6am and she has the garden to our left along with her daughter’s to her left. Weeks ago we had planted some basil seeds and chamomile seeds in pots and it was time to move them to the ground. Rosie suggested separating the chamomile since there were so many bunches. The second picture below is chamomile (I hope).


One Response to “A Dry, Sunny Morning”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ann you make me miss our parrots, all 24 of them!

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