Happy Books

About three years ago I started ripping out pages from magazines that I liked. They accumulated into piles. Then a co-worker bought me a large red journal for Christmas. I thought, boy she doesn’t really know me, what would I do with the overgrown book of empty pages. I kept it in a drawer and then one day I pulled out my glue stick and piles of magazine swipes and started gluing them into the empty pages. I could not stop. One day the same co-worker asked what I was doing and I told her I was making a book of pictures that I liked. She said, “Oh it’s your Happy Book” and I said, “Yes, I guess you are right.” Eleven Happy Books later…..I can’t stop. Some friends and I started meeting for breakfast at each other’s apartments. When Darice, Jennifer and Jessica came over to my place for breakfast, I showed them my Happy Book. Thus, the Happy Book Breakfast Club was formed and each woman produced her own “Happy Book”.


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