Last Night’s Dinner

Last night’s dinner.
Salad: cucumber, onion, tomato and green pepper with fresh lime and salt. (Flatbush CSA). The salad was inspired by an Israeli salad we have had a Cafe K. Cafe K has a few locations and we go to the one at 1111 Avenue K and Coney Island Avenue. The all-kosher menu is pasta and fish based and is delicious.
Tuna: The fish is from Whole Foods and is their brand Whole Catch. $5.99 for two Tuna steaks.
Burrito: The burrito is an Amy’s organic, non-dairy burrito that we bought at Target at the Flatbush Junction. They cost about $1.69 and are the cheapest I have seen them.
Plate: The plate was handed down from my great grandparents, Eli and Anna to their daughter Evelyn, my great aunt, who then gave it to me.
Tortilla Cloth: The colorful cloth is a tortilla holder that my mother-in-law in Mexico made. We have a box full of them and I proudly accept more from her each time we go to Mexico.


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