Last night we had dinner at Zaytoons, our favorite restaurant in the whole world. We usually order the same thing, Lentil soup to start and then a vegetable pizza, minus the cheese and a mixed salad plate. We used to live in Carroll Gardens and would go their 1-2 times a week. Six years ago we moved to South Midwood and started going back to Zaytoons every Friday night. Over the years the night changes but we try to go at least once a week. This past July 4th we took a leisurely three-bus (B11-B68-B75) bus ride from S. Midwood to Smith Street. Zaytoons was closed. A few nights later, we took the same bus ride to Zaytoon’s. I had called ahead to make sure they were open. They assured me they were. My husband went to get the wine and I went to get the table and the restaurant looked dark. But the waitress and cooks were outside. I said, “You are open, right?” They said yes but they could not serve food because of a block long blackout. We were desperate for their food so we hopped on the B71 and took it to Grand Army Plaza then walked down Vanderbilt to their newest location in Prospect Heights. One of the cooks from the Smith Street location was there, happy to see us and we felt right at home. I am convinced that was the BEST meal we had but my husband said they are always that good.


One Response to “Zaytoons”

  1. Norine Hall Says:

    I also love Zatoon’s. I usually have dinner there when I visit my daughter Ann and son-in-law Boni.

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