The Eye

Yesterday at 4pm it continued to rain, thunder and lightening. I went into the living room to see if my cat Bella, who was lying in the stormy summer afternoon darkness, was ok. She was waking up from a nap so I stretched out beside her. She started to purr and then she got up and walked away. I continued to lie there. I started thinking about my grandfather who passed away a couple of months earlier. I thought, “My gosh, how surreal, I will never see him again.” And then it hit me that he is really gone. I started to cry, for myself because I would never physically see him again or talk to him on the phone. Bella came back, looked at me, and then walked off (again). In the months that led up to his death he had been in a nursing home. He attended one art class and made one abstract painting of his eye. He had his eyesight on his mind a lot. The painting ended up over his bed and when I was visiting I asked my grandmother and mother if I could have it. I took it back to Brooklyn, framed it and put it in our hallway. My mom asked if I could put it in the magazine where I worked. I said, “How can I do that?” A month went by and I had an idea. I was able to put his painting on the cover for the design section in the June 08 issue. If I had to choose one accomplishment to be proud of at work it was this.


3 Responses to “The Eye”

  1. Jeanette Says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather!

  2. Susan Says:

    Oh Ann, you touched my heart.
    An artistic Coup!

  3. annandboni Says:

    Thanks Susan, it was a proud moment!

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