Meet Alice @ Do Art Make Stuff- Brooklyn

“my name is alice and I make art out of junk!” by Jacque at Do Art Make Stuff:

Recently I visited a friend and saw this on her dining room table. “It’s here all the time. I can’t move anything even an inch or she notices!” said Alice’s mom. Alice is 6 years old and is a sculptress/installation artist, among other things. This summer Alice was in art camp with me. She especially loved the “junk garden” like a lot of kid-artists do. When Ethan age 9 saw Alice’s art he exclaimed “That is so cool! I love it SOOO much!”

This is Alice’s spot. She has her computer, books she’s made, purses, flowers, even a cheetah skin rug – all made out of junk. The 3 tube object seen in front of the computer is her vitamin taker. “She can’t take her vitamins in the morning without it.” says her mom. Of course all this wouldn’t be complete without her boxy little sports car.

To read the rest of the interview go to Do Art Make Stuff


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