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Amtrak Ride Home

December 23, 2008

One of the reasons I love traveling via train between Baltimore and New York is the industrial landscapes that pass by my window. Here are a few from yesterday, on my trip back to New York.





Yummy Delicious Cupcakes!

December 22, 2008


Last Thursday I met my friend Sarah for breakfast and she presented me with 4 of her incredibly delicious cupcakes as a holiday gift. They were packaged in the cutest cupcake box and my husband and I finished them off that night. Thank you Sarah!!!

Mandalas by Stephanie Cohen

December 18, 2008




A friend’s daughter, Stephanie Cohen, recently posted some of her Mandala designs on another friend’s blog A Million Mandalas for Peace. I think her mandalas are so unique and special. Here is a peak at what she wrote.

Light & Cheese: Digital Photography (no photoshop)
by Stephanie Cohen
“My name is Stephanie Cohen, I am eighteen years old, I love taking photographs, and I believe we can and will achieve world peace.
When I heard of Melody’s project, I felt inspired to find such intricate shapes in ordinary objects that I rarely pay attention to. Maybe that is the answer; maybe that is how we can reach peace. That is, if we look at the world, at the issues, but from a different perspective. By doing so, we might find that the answer has been staring at us this entire time.
Click here to read and see more.

My Own Santa

December 16, 2008

This past weekend my husband agreed to dress up as Santa as part of a fundraiser at Petco, Union Square. Part of the animal & Santa picture proceeds were donated to KittyKind.



Christmas Cactus Blooms in Brooklyn

December 14, 2008

Our neighbors gave us this Christmas Cactus years back and it’s new home has been on top of our fridge. A couple of months ago I moved it to the windowsill and for the first time it is blooming.




Blogs to Look at

December 11, 2008

A few of my friends have started some great blogs, I suggest taking a look at them. Jacque has two blogs, both called Do Art Make Stuff, one dedicated to the art of her students and one that highlights her art and things that inspire her. My friend Melody also has two blogs, one called A Million Mandalas for Peace, and another that illustrates her joyful art work. And then there is Janette, a fellow KittyKind volunteer, whose blog covers many topics; a good book she just read, a cause she believes in and tales from her life in the city. It is called The Opposite of Disappearing.


Tuesday Morning at Rockefeller Center

December 10, 2008


Holidays at Saks, 5th Avenue

December 8, 2008



Lady on the B11 Bus

December 4, 2008


Under the Subway, Avenue J, Brooklyn

December 3, 2008