Mandalas by Stephanie Cohen




A friend’s daughter, Stephanie Cohen, recently posted some of her Mandala designs on another friend’s blog A Million Mandalas for Peace. I think her mandalas are so unique and special. Here is a peak at what she wrote.

Light & Cheese: Digital Photography (no photoshop)
by Stephanie Cohen
“My name is Stephanie Cohen, I am eighteen years old, I love taking photographs, and I believe we can and will achieve world peace.
When I heard of Melody’s project, I felt inspired to find such intricate shapes in ordinary objects that I rarely pay attention to. Maybe that is the answer; maybe that is how we can reach peace. That is, if we look at the world, at the issues, but from a different perspective. By doing so, we might find that the answer has been staring at us this entire time.
Click here to read and see more.

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