Amtrak Ride Home

One of the reasons I love traveling via train between Baltimore and New York is the industrial landscapes that pass by my window. Here are a few from yesterday, on my trip back to New York.






4 Responses to “Amtrak Ride Home”

  1. Norine Hall Says:

    I had so much fun when you were here this weekend. Love, Mommy

  2. Susan Says:

    I know what you mean Ann, when I go up to Albany to visit my sister I love the wistfulness of the vistas as we approach the tiny towns as the train gets close to the northern cities.
    Love the haziness of your last photo, like the scene is only half real.

  3. cherrypatter Says:

    hi ann, thanks for introducing me to your site. for my day job i also go back and forth to baltimore. you have captured some really beautiful moments on the commute. tx for that!

  4. B. Montellano Says:

    Hi babe I do not think you show me these pictures they are very nice, it seems that you had a nice ride home.

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