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Face and Bull on the Diagonal

June 24, 2009

This is one of my favorite paintings by my husband- a dream “Face and Bull on the Diagonal”.



Extinct Breath Blessing on Etsy

June 19, 2009

My friend Kathi created this piece of jewelry. You can view others on her new ETSY shop, Extinct Breath Blessing. Below is a description of her work in her own words.


This is one of 6 EXTINCT BREATH BLESSING pieces, cast by me from vintage mini rubber body parts. The detail on each one is amazing, please take a look and marvel!!

This is the biggest of the 4 hands I am offering, 3 inches long and quite thick (1 1/2 wide) and has a good weight to it! It is very solid and enclosed at the top. Sorry, the photo doesn’t really show how big it is, but it much bigger than the small hands I have on offer. This hand is brass, has a great weight to it (not too heavy, but more solide than the small hands on offer. Most people think they are gold because of the feel of the pieces). This hand is on a brass chain that hangs 18 in (total length includes the hand), sometimes 19. A small closure holds the necklace, (see photo) and a tiny tag engraved with EXTINCT BREATH BLESSING on it!

These are special pieces that I made to help me and others through this difficult time in the world.. I call them small blessings given to others or given to yourself… compassion, kindness, grounding us to remember what we are all made of… and what we are…

Boni’s New Painting-Dusk

June 7, 2009