About Ann

My name is Ann and I live in Brooklyn with my husband Boni and three cats Bella, Meca and Stanley. I have lived in Brooklyn for about 26 years, first in Fort Greene, then in Carroll Gardens and currently in South Midwood. I am an artist, and my husband and I are owners of a pet sitting and dog walking company called Small World Pet Sitters LLC.

Feel free to email me at annsimkins@aol.com

The portrait, of my husband and myself, was made by a family friend Guadalupe. She was 10 years old at the time and we were spending the day together at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

7 Responses to “About Ann”

  1. Melody Cummons Says:

    Hi Ann,
    I just wanted to say what a joy it is to explore your blog site with all the art, photography and goodies to pour through! I have enjoyed it so much!

  2. annandboni Says:

    Thanks Melody,
    I am glad you enjoyed it. It is nice to hear from you.

  3. Sy Bluestein Says:

    Maybe, just maybe we can get together before you leave. Annette & I want to visit Noreen and you might just be there too.
    Brooklyn College ? My close friend Stanley Wolfe is a professor there. We plan to visit him this coming weekend in Easthampton. He is my age and only teaches two classes there. Love, Sy

  4. Sy Bluestein Says:

    misspelled my name. senior moment again.

  5. Anonymous Admirer Says:

    Your blog is an antidote to all the big and small difficulties life throws at us. It is a virtual garden where I go every few days to rest my heart and soul. Your artistic camera’s eye shows me the beauty in things I cannot see for myself.

  6. margaret Says:

    I live with a devil cat, too, and as for my own behavior…well, probably like yours, somewhere between naughty and nice.
    Thanks for showing me the link to your blog and therefore bringing me here. I really enjoyed my visit.

  7. susan johnson Says:

    Hi Ann and Boni, Congratulations on your anniversary! Your blog is so interesting. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was that you didn’t have any mention of your pet sitting. I was looking about that to show my sister your picture of Dylan. Anyway I saw about your anniversary and that was really nice. See you soon. And thanks for taking care of Dylan! Susan J

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