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Face and Bull on the Diagonal

June 24, 2009

This is one of my favorite paintings by my husband- a dream “Face and Bull on the Diagonal”.


Boni’s New Painting-Dusk

June 7, 2009


My Husband’s New Painting

May 19, 2009

My husband recently finished this painting titled, “RBRB (River Bridge Road Bus). The painting is in oil and was created from the memory of a dream he had.


My Husband’s Art at BWAC

May 10, 2009

Yesterday the Spring BWAC show opened and there was a great turnout. Below is a photo of my husband, Bonifacio Montellano with his paintings, a couple of close-ups and some photos of the excellent musicians, The Loose Marbles.







New Painting by Boni Montellano

April 15, 2009


6 inch x 8 inch, oil on canvas, $150.00,

A Blakelock Kind of Night

January 13, 2009
Bonifacio Montellano c. 2009

Bonifacio Montellano c. 2009

Last night as I lay on the couch watching Gossip Girl, I looked to the window and saw the most beautiful night sky. I said to my husband, “It’s a Blakelock kind of night.” He walked over, looked out and grabbed his paper and oil pastels. I continued to watch GG and he created a beautiful drawing.