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Yummy Delicious Cupcakes!

December 22, 2008


Last Thursday I met my friend Sarah for breakfast and she presented me with 4 of her incredibly delicious cupcakes as a holiday gift. They were packaged in the cutest cupcake box and my husband and I finished them off that night. Thank you Sarah!!!


A Corner in our Foyer

November 26, 2008


Our Dream House

November 25, 2008


Each summer we take the 3-hour train ride out to Amagansett, Long Island. We leave the train and walk down the most beautiful street to an awesome market along the road. The lines for ice coffee and muffins are always long. The market has a gigantic backyard where there are benches and chairs scattered throughout the property and one can sit there all day if they choose to do so. On the way into the rest of the town we always pass this house. How perfect.

Things We Collect in Our Kitchen

November 24, 2008


Happy Halloween and Anniversary

October 31, 2008

Today is my anniversary. Boni and I got married, thirteen years ago on Halloween. I love Halloween because this is my favorite time of year and I love Candy Corns. I always had visions of people throwing candy corns at us, rather than rice, if we had had a traditional wedding.

Last year we took a bus up to Kingston, NY to have an adventure. We checked into the hotel and set out on foot to explore the town. We love folk art chatchkies and always end up buying something. However, I told Boni I wanted to make something to remember the trip. We walked and walked for hours and came across a piece of rusty metal in the road. I loved the shape and my wonderful husband carried it in his backpack all day.

That night I decided to use it to make a sign that we could hang in our living room. Inspired by the wooden plaque hanging over the Ingalls fireplace (Little House on the Prairie) that had the initials CI + CI (Charles Ingalls + Caroline Ingalls) I painted the sign above. That rusty piece of metal now hangs in our living room.

Intuition, a Lime Green Sky and a Helicopter

October 30, 2008

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick. I debated about going to work but at 7am I left with my husband. I planned on stopping at Whole Foods but they didn’t open until 8am. At 7:39am we reached Brooklyn Bridge, I crossed over to the 6 train to kill some time. As we approached Astor Place I battled with my thoughts, should I get out and walk or ride to 14th. Something made me jump up and exit the train at Astor Place. I thought “Hmm, there is something I must need to see.”

I passed a group of homeless people sleeping on the platform bench. Another man dressed in jeans rolled up to the knee was digging in the trash and arranging his findings all around it.

I walked up the stairs and at the top, behind the railing was a painting, the painting above. It made me so happy looking at it. I looked around and didn’t see anyone claiming it. I asked the AMNY lady if she knew who it belonged too. She said, that guy, pointing down the street. She yelled, “Mike, this lady likes your painting and wants to buy it. ” He rushed over and I was like “Uh, I really like your painting, I am not sure about buying it, I don’t have cash on me. How much are you charging?” He answered “$15”.

I continued again to explain that I really did like it. He said, “You can take it on consignment and bring me the money tomorrow, do you pass through here?” I answered, “I could, but you know let me go get some cash. ” I ran over to Chase to get some birthday money and saw him waiting for me to come back.

I asked him if he had others and he said he could paint anything I liked but he did not do portraits. He was surprised I liked it because “Woman don’t usually like helicopters. I could paint you a tank.” I said, “I like it because it makes me happy and anything that comes from your heart I will probably like as well.”

I asked if I could come back and take his picture for my blog, he agreed. He signed his name Michael E. Wallace. This reminded me of something my coworker Brey would do.

Something told me to get off at Astor Place and because I listened, for one brief minute, to my intuition, a moment of morning magic took place.

My Morning, Brooklyn to Manhattan

October 29, 2008

I have a new work schedule, 10am-6pm. It used to be 8am-4pm. As much as I try to fight it it seems to be carved in stone. So, for weeks I have planned what I could do before heading in to work. I am an early riser and leave home at 7am with my husband. So, yesterday, I unhooked my PC from the cable modem, packed it into my knapsack and went off to Starbucks around the corner on Campus Road. I sat there until 9am and then took the 5 train to the city, to work.

I don’t know how people can carry around a laptop in a knapsack all day long.

This morning I put the laptop in a cool red bag that I had bought at Daffy’s a couple of years ago. The bag is padded and shaped like a large rectangular envelope. Perfect for the laptop. My other stuff I put into a matt &nat chocolate brown bag with baby blue trim that I had bought at T.J. Maxx.

I went to the local Starbucks, bought a pepermint tea, using my Starbucks card that I had registered at, logged into the free ATT wifi (as long as you use the card once a month and have it registered online). I sat there until 8am, left with my hot water refill and headed to the subway. I got off at Union Square, picked up a scone at Whole Foods and still carrying my Starbucks tea from Brooklyn went into the Starbucks on 17th Street and Broadway and scored a great seat against the wall, near the front.

So here I am, logged in again, still drinking my tea from 7am and I just said hello to the smiling white haired man in a yellow plaid blazer and yellow ribbed corduroy pants, the guy that peels carrots at Union Square. The guy that is in the Vanity Fair issue that has Julia Roberts on the cover wearing a wreath on her head. ( I think I remember reading that Julia wouldn’t wear it and Annie Liebowitz added it into the photo after the fact).

I will sit here awhile longer than pick up some cat food at Petco and visit the KittyKind adoption center.

I have to say Starbucks is great.

My Cousin Sumo

October 1, 2008

I spent Rosh Hashanah with my family in the Baltimore/DC area. We had dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house, so how could I not take a picture of and post the cutest dog in the world, my other cousin, Sumo.

View from the Train Station in Baltimore

August 12, 2008

Looking out of the window from inside Penn Station, Baltimore at 5:51 a.m.

Snoballs and Candy Corn

August 11, 2008

If you have read my introduction page then you know that snoballs and candy corn are two of my favorite junk foods. The past couple of days have been cool and breezy here in Baltimore, a sign that fall is coming and August is coming to an end. Yesterday my grandmother took me to the snoball stand around the corner and I got my favorite, skylight with marshmallow. We also stopped by the local Rite Aid and there near the checkout was an aisle set up with Halloween candy and straw scarecrows. Stacked high on the middle shelf were my beloved candy corns.