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Blogs to Look at

December 11, 2008

A few of my friends have started some great blogs, I suggest taking a look at them. Jacque has two blogs, both called Do Art Make Stuff, one dedicated to the art of her students and one that highlights her art and things that inspire her. My friend Melody also has two blogs, one called A Million Mandalas for Peace, and another that illustrates her joyful art work. And then there is Janette, a fellow KittyKind volunteer, whose blog covers many topics; a good book she just read, a cause she believes in and tales from her life in the city. It is called The Opposite of Disappearing.



Riding the Q, R and L Trains: Brooklyn-Manhattan

September 22, 2008

Yesterday I was riding the subway and I was thinking about Walker Evans, one of my favorite photographers, who happened to photograph people on the subway. It got me thinking about a teacher I had studied with for many years who gave me the best art education, David Passalacqua. My love of photography is coming back.

Brooklyn Blogade Meets Up in Williamsburg

September 22, 2008

Yesterday I attended my first Brooklyn Blogade event run by Chrissie B. It was all about personal branding, social media and audience-building. Those in attendance were Claude of the blog Self-Absorbed Boomer, Robin of the Clinton Hill Blog and Will of Cultural Capitol. We met at Juliette on N. 5th Street in Williamsburg and the margaritas were strong and delicious. Thanks Chrissie for your amazing seminar.

Farmers Market, Union Square

August 22, 2008

Horacio, in the Garden

August 7, 2008

Horacio has the plot/garden next to ours. I asked him to pose with one of his sunflowers.

The Eye

July 28, 2008

Yesterday at 4pm it continued to rain, thunder and lightening. I went into the living room to see if my cat Bella, who was lying in the stormy summer afternoon darkness, was ok. She was waking up from a nap so I stretched out beside her. She started to purr and then she got up and walked away. I continued to lie there. I started thinking about my grandfather who passed away a couple of months earlier. I thought, “My gosh, how surreal, I will never see him again.” And then it hit me that he is really gone. I started to cry, for myself because I would never physically see him again or talk to him on the phone. Bella came back, looked at me, and then walked off (again). In the months that led up to his death he had been in a nursing home. He attended one art class and made one abstract painting of his eye. He had his eyesight on his mind a lot. The painting ended up over his bed and when I was visiting I asked my grandmother and mother if I could have it. I took it back to Brooklyn, framed it and put it in our hallway. My mom asked if I could put it in the magazine where I worked. I said, “How can I do that?” A month went by and I had an idea. I was able to put his painting on the cover for the design section in the June 08 issue. If I had to choose one accomplishment to be proud of at work it was this.

Dorothy and Princeton

July 24, 2008

I volunteer for a feline rescue group called KittyKind. The woman in the photo is Dorothy. She along with two other woman, Pam and Dorita, collect donations that help feed and keep the cats safe. One of the perks is holding the sweet cats. Lucky Princeton had a nice long comfy nap on Dorothy’s lap.

Monday Morning Chat: Jacque W.

July 21, 2008

One day a couple of weeks ago my friend Jacque and I were driving around Brooklyn having an adventure. We ended up at the Connecticut Muffin on Cortelyou, because they have free wifi and we like it there. We have been friends for about 20 years. The picture above is of Jacque’s hands. Meet Jacque. Check out her art and her son’s blog under “blogroll”.
Where are you from and how did you end up living in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn?
South Jersey. A friend in Brooklyn Heights suggested we look out here when I was pregnant and looking to move (Brooklyn Heights was too expensive). We were going to move to New Jersey and even had a down payment on a house but I started getting stomach aches from the idea so I knew I had to stay in Brooklyn.
If you could design a perfect day what would it look like?
My perfect days always happen when I am traveling. My most perfect day was traveling to San Francisco to see my favorite band Spoon. I guess it would involve seeing music and meeting friends at the show…hey, just did that on Tuesday…Saw Spoon in Prospect Park and met up with a lot of old friends.
So great.
What inspires you?
Finding cool new art on the web. And animation also. Teaching kids. Great filmmaking and writing.
You are a really great mother. Tell me 3 of the most amazing things about your son, Ethan.
Love this one.
1) He never notices if a person is strange or different. He doesn’t judge them and likes pretty much everyone.
2) He will spend 3 hours making a stop motion movie. Hundreds of pictures!
3) He creates energy with other kids. He is funny, fun and alive. Never a dull moment with him.
Recently you held a mural making workshop. Tell me about it.
I taught a workshop for families at a church in Brooklyn. I explain murals, show examples, talk about a theme and let ’em rip! Funny how intimidated the adults are. The kids just go, no problem. The rest of the session I am pretty much handing people brushes and paint. What always happens is the kids are done after about an hour and the adults end up finishing the thing. Once they start they don’t want to stop. It’s really fun.
Who are your favorite artists, musicians and actors?
ART: Dana Shutz – modern painter, Picasso – master, Notomax – illustration, Mariscal – designer
MUSIC: Britt Daniel of Spoon, Bloc Pary, Radiohead, Future Clouds and Radar, My friend Xavier Cartriche
What is your favorite junk food?
Snowballs and Ringdings


July 18, 2008

Last night we had dinner at Zaytoons, our favorite restaurant in the whole world. We usually order the same thing, Lentil soup to start and then a vegetable pizza, minus the cheese and a mixed salad plate. We used to live in Carroll Gardens and would go their 1-2 times a week. Six years ago we moved to South Midwood and started going back to Zaytoons every Friday night. Over the years the night changes but we try to go at least once a week. This past July 4th we took a leisurely three-bus (B11-B68-B75) bus ride from S. Midwood to Smith Street. Zaytoons was closed. A few nights later, we took the same bus ride to Zaytoon’s. I had called ahead to make sure they were open. They assured me they were. My husband went to get the wine and I went to get the table and the restaurant looked dark. But the waitress and cooks were outside. I said, “You are open, right?” They said yes but they could not serve food because of a block long blackout. We were desperate for their food so we hopped on the B71 and took it to Grand Army Plaza then walked down Vanderbilt to their newest location in Prospect Heights. One of the cooks from the Smith Street location was there, happy to see us and we felt right at home. I am convinced that was the BEST meal we had but my husband said they are always that good.

Last Night’s Dinner

July 17, 2008

Last night’s dinner.
Salad: cucumber, onion, tomato and green pepper with fresh lime and salt. (Flatbush CSA). The salad was inspired by an Israeli salad we have had a Cafe K. Cafe K has a few locations and we go to the one at 1111 Avenue K and Coney Island Avenue. The all-kosher menu is pasta and fish based and is delicious.
Tuna: The fish is from Whole Foods and is their brand Whole Catch. $5.99 for two Tuna steaks.
Burrito: The burrito is an Amy’s organic, non-dairy burrito that we bought at Target at the Flatbush Junction. They cost about $1.69 and are the cheapest I have seen them.
Plate: The plate was handed down from my great grandparents, Eli and Anna to their daughter Evelyn, my great aunt, who then gave it to me.
Tortilla Cloth: The colorful cloth is a tortilla holder that my mother-in-law in Mexico made. We have a box full of them and I proudly accept more from her each time we go to Mexico.